GAP [Good Agricultural Practices] Documentaries

GAP Documentaries are a series of 10 agricultural Films across all the six ago-climatic zones of West Bengal. The three-year long program, funded by the World Bank, monitored by a Department of the Ministry of Irrigation, Govt. of West Bengal and implemented by the Vivekananda Institute of Biotechnology, Nimpith.

We captured all the program components with the beneficiaries in action to carve out 10 different GAP Documentaries as required for project documentation. GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practices.

Briefly, it combines organic inputs with the chemical ones to improve the soil eco-system triggering growth of sub-soil micro-nutrients. The techniques and method under GAP have been adopted by the farming community. Many farmers, who were not among the program beneficiaries embraced the measures of GAP and started moving toward a greater yield and a better farm environment.

The GAP Documentaries portray the interactions of the farmers with the scientists, program officials and nodal persons and does mirror the every effects of the program on field. The first sequence is common to all ten films, generic on the program as a whole and later sections are specific to the region or contract in particular.

Old Contract North Bengal – It started with three villages in a few North Bengal districts as the pilot

Old Contract South Bengal – It started with three villages in a few North South Bengal districts as the pilot

Batch I & II North Bengal

Batch I & II South Bengal

Northern Hilly Region

Teesta Terrai Floodplain

Vindhyan Alluvial Zone

Undulating Red & Laterite Zone

Gangetic Alluvial Zone

Coastal Saline Zone

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