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Video Production Diary

We love to record our productions on location using stills and clips. It helps us walk down the memory lane and look back at the things we could have done otherwise. Not-too-technical a read, you could vicariously travel with us through our logs, clips and stills.

Video Production – GAP [Good Agricultural Practices] Documentaries

It was a World Bank funded project on the Good Agricultural Practices [GAP], monitored by the Dept of. Irrigation, Govt of West Bengal and implemented by the Vivekananda Institute of Biotechnology, Nimpith.

A series of 10 Documentaries made in late 2019 and early 2020, shooting across all six ago-climatic zones of West Bengal. With a 4-person production crew and one person post-production, it yielded substantial audio-visual content on how combination of organic farming with conventional chemical inputs can put a brake on an increasingly dilapidated soil-ecosystem and make farming profiteering and less health-hazardous for the farmers as well.

Make Videos on Your
Industrial Unit for Brand Promotion. Generate More Business leads.

Audio-visual content gets more traffic and yields a better conversion for both retail and industrial units.

Use of footage for editing in different formats offers leverage to the marketing and sales team, over different social media platforms, while targeting diverse groups of consumers.

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Project Documentation for Govt. Programs & Nonprofits

We offer our services in graphic design and print toward various stages of documentation.

Be it a community development program or a corporate presentation on an industrial assembly line, we create customized layout catering to the need of the audience the organization is in look out for.

Sending a video clip of the graphic design is yet another innovative way to create a feel-good moment.

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