Industrial Filmmaking with Creatives

image for shooting at an industrial unit

Industrial Film making calls for an in-depth planning through reconnoitering the production assembly line before the actual shooting takes place. We carve out a structure, getting on board with the companies’ marketing department, for catering to their brand promotion and sales pitch. The workflow may look somewhat like below.

  • Recce with shooting location stills
  • Structuring [Tentative]
  • Selection of Gears
    • Camera & Lenses
    • Lights
    • Sound Equipment
  • Planning of Talking heads
  • Production
    • Shooting B-rolls
    • CUs
    • Wide
    • Drone coverage
    • Talking heads
  • Post-production
    • Shot Selection
    • Assembly
  • Draft Commentary
  • Talking heads to intersperse [with or without subtitles]
  • Graphics & Animation
  • Rough-Cut followed by incorporation of suggested changes
  • Final Cut
image small 01 for industrial films

This corporate video was made, in 2013, on a Garment Manufacturing Unit, named Exodus Futura Knit Pvt Ltd. some 18 Kms off Kolkata.

Industrial filmmaking on Assembly Lines with CNC Machining Systems

In early 2023, we made a series of Industrial films on different units in and around Pune Industrial sectors, on behalf of Machinemaker, Pune. Many of such units produce parts for Automotive Industries as the ancillaries and feed other Industrial segments.

CNC machining stands for Computer-Numeric-Controlled machining system. This system, guided by computer control precision nodes and stylus pointers, helps attain accuracy of measurement and meet the highest standard of quality while manufacturing products.

Our approach of industrial filmmaking involves capturing a combination of technicalities and business interests for the companies with supporting narratives explained in simple terms.

The links to some of the films are here.